Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I'm a really bad blogger.

What I am, is an avid blog reader. My RSS feed overflows with brilliance. Maybe that is why I think I'm a bad blogger--because I read such FANTASTIC blogs. Deep in my little insecure heart, I think that in the blogging world, with residents like charming blogger-turned-entrepreneur like Kendi, or an adorable family unit like Ashley and Tammy, or delightfully perfect food blogger like Deb there can't possibly be room for me.

It's my personality. I'm always in it to win it, to be the best. But maybe it should be more that I have things to say, that are important to me, and maybe someone else will find them important too. I won't declare that I will be a more dedicated blogger, because I've done that before, and failed. But I will try and remember that my thoughts are important, even if just to myself!

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